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Customize your essential aromatherapy products:
choose your container, essential oil combination or perfume scent,
and color for candles/bath salts!

100% Pure Essential Oils
Personal or home aromatherapy, massage, and therapeutic benefits
1/16 oz Size Sample
1/2 oz Amber Bottle
1 oz Amber Bottle

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With Dropper

2 oz Amber Bottle
4 oz Amber Bottle

With Dropper

Smaller Sizes and Perfumes
Smaller bottles, roll-ons, and spray bottles for applying essential oils or perfumes
1/8 oz Clear Bottle
1/6 oz Roll-On Bottle
1/3 oz Roll-On Bottle
1/3 oz Plastic Spray Bottle
1/3 oz Metal Spray Bottle with Funnel
Natural Soy Wax Candles
Richly scented pure soy wax candles with clean-burning natural wicks
*All Jars for Candles and Bath Salts are Interchangeable*
Clear Cup Tea Lites
(Shown: Earthly Treasures & Lavender)
1 oz Hex Jar
(Shown: Emerald Fields)
4 oz Hex Jar
(Shown: Cinnamon Spice)
9 oz Hex Jar
(Shown: Eucalyptus Blend)
16 oz Wire Jar
(Shown: Citrus Slices)
32 oz Swirl Jar
(Shown: Lavender Peppermint)
Scented Bath Salts
All natural sea salts scented with pure essential oils
*All Jars for Candles and Bath Salts are Interchangeable*
Mesh Sachets
(Shown: Sensual and Moonlight Wishes)
4 oz for $2.50
4 oz Hex Jar
(Shown: Romantically Relaxing)
8 oz Blue Wire Jar
(Shown: Citrus Blend)

8 oz for $5.00

20 oz Wire Jar
(Shown: Lavender)
28 oz Pine Cone
(Shown: Invigorating)
28 oz Best Mom
(Shown: Invigorating)

Also Available in Best Dad or Gingerbread Man!

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